I'm a freelance software developer.
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Over the last decade I’ve written software for organizations ranging from early-stage startups like SafariDesk, ButlerPad or CleverCare to medium-sized businesses like Blueprint Data, Tangent, or Westpac Bank all the way up to giants like Google, NASA, InfoSys and the Chinese aerospace industry leader COMAC.

"[Pauls project] ClusterGL is an innovative solution...this technique shows the most promise"

I’ve developed everything from high-performance big-data systems to complex web applications to 3D rendering engines. And if you play many cross-platform or independent games on Android, you’re most likely using code I’ve worked on.

From 2008 to late 2011, I was a PhD researcher at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, as part of the WAND Network Research group. I worked primarily in embedded and distributed systems, though I also worked on a number of more user-visible side projects. From 2004−2008 I completed my BCMS specialising in Software Development, graduating with first class honors.

"[Paul is] beyond excellent. We're really impressed." Tangent, on delivery of the WebHawk beta

In January 2012 I began travelling around the world. While living in the Seychelles I helped start eRoom, a hotel guest tablet solution and SeyTrax, a GPS vehicle tracking service.

In early 2013 I found myself in Nairobi, Kenya where I co-founded SafariDesk, a travel platform for the East Africa region. Initial funding for SafariDesk came from the Savannah Fund startup accelerator.

"Hey, you should make a lot of money with that!" Google CEO Eric Schmidt, upon learning about SafariDesk

In late 2013 I returned to Asia. In Shanghai I worked with a leading Chinese law firm to build Oorkle, a (now-defunct) service to help coordinate worldwide IP Law events. And in Bangkok, I helped build ButlerPad, a virtual concierge platform being deployed in hotels around the world.

I'm continuing to build software for clients around the world.

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Here are a few interesting projects I've built and organizations I've worked with.

What can I do?

I'm a full-stack developer − so I build software from low-level server software
to front-end user interfaces. Contact me and we'll figure out what's right for you

Frontend / UI

I can build a responsive and modern HTML5 user interface, from scratch or integrating and customizing a pre-existing design.


I can build the server-side systems that make your web or mobile application tick, using industry-standard technologies like Python and C++.

Mobile apps

Need a mobile or tablet app? I can build fluid cross-platform Android or iOS applications based on native or web technology.

Content filtering

I've built a number of web content filtering systems for companies like Blueprint, MSecure and WebCurfew, filtering HTTP, DNS or mobile traffic

Distributed systems

I've built a number of distributed and networked systems which are being used around the world. I'll help get your data from A to B.

Linux/UNIX services

"It's a UNIX system! I know this!" My preferred technology stack is built on Linux − I work generally on Ubuntu or Debian server systems.

As seen on TV!

I've been lucky enough to be featured in the tech press and mainstream media on a number of occasions. Here's coverage of me or projects I've worked on.

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Contact me on paul@bieh.net