I'm a software consultant.
You should hire me to help you solve interesting problems.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with organizations ranging from early-stage startups like SafariDesk, ButlerPad or CleverCare to medium-sized businesses like Blueprint Data, Tangent, or Westpac Bank all the way up to giants like Google, NASA, InfoSys and the Chinese aerospace industry leader COMAC.

"[Pauls solution] ClusterGL is an innovative solution...this technique shows the most promise"

As a software developer I’ve built everything from high-performance big-data systems to complex web applications to 3D rendering engines, working alone or as part of a team. And if you play independent games on Android, you’re likely using code I’ve worked on.

"Hey, you should make a lot of money with that!" Google CEO Eric Schmidt, upon learning about SafariDesk

I've been featured in a number of articles in the technology press and mainstream media.