Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a software consultant.

You should hire me to help you solve interesting problems.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with organizations ranging from early-stage startups like SafariDesk, ButlerPad or CleverCare to medium-sized businesses like Blueprint Data, Tangent, or Westpac Bank all the way up to giants like Google, NASA, InfoSys and the Chinese aerospace industry leader COMAC.

As a software developer I’ve built everything from high-performance big-data systems to complex web applications to 3D rendering engines, working alone or as part of a team. And if you play independent games on Android, you’re likely using code I’ve worked on.

From 2008 to 2012, I was a researcher at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, as part of the WAND Network Research group, I worked primarily in embedded and distributed systems, while also building the ClusterGL distributed rendering system that would later be used by NASA at JSC and COMAC in Beijing. In January 2012 I began traveling around the world. While living in the Seychelles I helped start eRoom, a hotel guest tablet solution and Seytrax, a GPS vehicle fleet tracking service.

In early 2013 I found myself in Nairobi, Kenya where I co-founded SafariDesk, a travel platform for the East Africa region. Initial funding for SafariDesk came from the Savannah Fund startup accelerator, and later funding from private investors.

Later I relocated to Asia. In Shanghai I worked with a leading Chinese law firm to build Oorkle, a service to help coordinate worldwide IP Law events. More recently in Singapore and Bangkok I'm helping build Butlerpad, a virtual concierge platform being deployed in hotels around the world.

"[Pauls solution] ClusterGL is an innovative solution...this technique shows the most promise" NASA / JSC
"[Paul Hunkin is] a talented and experienced programmer..." Mbwana Alliy, Managing Partner at Savannah Fund

Got a project? Want a quote? Send me a message and I'll get in touch!

What are my rates?

My base per-day rate for short term or once-off projects is $500 USD.

For longer projects I charge out at $10,000 USD per month.

Current Location:

Bangkok, Thailand

Email: paul@bieh.net
Skype: paulhunkin